Success Stories

Retirement on the Horizon

A client was preparing for his year-end retirement and had many questions. Which investments should he and his wife draw their income from? How much could they spend each year during retirement? How much would they have to leave their family? What should they do with his 401(k)?

JMB developed a comprehensive financial plan that provided a road map for the client to follow. This included a clear income distribution plan that provided for the client’s income needs in a tax efficient manner and an appropriate investment strategy for his 401(k) rollover. The plan also showed them how much money they could spend based on various investment return scenarios and how long their money would last. Since it was important to pass assets on to their children, we were able to plan for this personal goal.

Plus, by continuously monitoring his investments, we help him adjust as things change in the economy, markets, or his personal situation and health.

Alone and Worried

A recently widowed woman was scared, confused and didn’t know what to do regarding her finances. Her husband had handled these decisions during their long marriage and she was now on her own.

JMB analyzed her financial situation and spent the time to educate her regarding her current investments. We explained what she currently owned and the level of risk she was taking. We also offered several suggestions as to how she could adjust her investments to better meet her current needs since her financial situation had changed so much over the years.

With the burden of wealth management lifted, she now has confidence, as well as a better understanding of her financial situation and investments.

Portfolio Help Needed

A client was investing on his own without professional help for over 30 years. He had struggled with his investments over the last 10 years and was tired of shouldering the burden. Additionally, now that he was retired, he wanted to travel, golf and spend time with his grandchildren ? not follow the stock market or make on-going investment decisions.

JMB was hired to develop a sensible investment strategy. We monitor his portfolio and communicate his results on an on-going basis. He now has a place to go when he has concerns about how world events impact his investment goals.

By having a professional manage his retirement assets and eliminating the emotion from his financial decision-making, this client is resting easier. No longer required to watch his portfolio on a daily basis he is enjoying spending time doing what he loves.

Small Business—Big Concerns

A small business owner had several concerns. First, he was concerned about his high tax burden. Second, he wasn’t sure if his company’s 401(k) plan was cost effective or appropriate compared to national norms. Third, he was concerned about the rising cost of his health insurance.

JMB helped implement a more cost effective 401(k) plan and was able to provide his company with employee education to help him meet his fiduciary obligations to the employees. The new plan improved employee participation and morale. We also added a Roth 401(k) option that provided more tax options for the employees and added a profit sharing component to his 401(k) plan that allowed him to defer more income tax. We also lowered his health insurance costs without significantly reducing employee benefits.

With his concerns alleviated, our small business owner is now a satisfied client who can focus on growing his business.

Ignored and Unsatisfied

A client was tired of feeling like he never made any progress with his investments. The only time he heard from his investment guy was when he was trying to sell him something. Plus, he felt that his investments were not being proactively managed to adjust to a changing world and his own changing circumstances. He was looking for somebody he could trust to give him a clear understanding of his personal financial situation.

JMB designed a personalized investment plan that addressed the client’s financial needs. We provided the client with a weekly market update email, a website to view all of his investments, and contacted him every few months to check in and explain what was going on in the stock market and how this impacted his investments. JMB and the client also met multiple times each year to review his investment performance and make adjustments as appropriate.

The client now has an objective and independent financial professional that he can trust. He always understands how he is doing and feels comfortable knowing that his investments are being proactively adjusted to reflect changing market conditions.

The above scenarios are for illustrative purposes only. They are hypothetical examples and are not representative of any specific situation. Your results will vary. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.