Vendor Management

Easing the burden of vendor negotiation and management

JMB Financial provides a comprehensive plan provider review and benchmarking, including in-depth comparisons of plan features and fee transparency. By benchmarking your plan we can compare the “true” costs of your plan against national norms and negotiate pricing with your existing provider. Through our experienced negotiation we can often lower your total plan costs so that it becomes unnecessary to change plan providers.

If you are dissatisfied with your existing plan and decide to change plan providers, we can assist you in the vendor selection process. Selecting the right recordkeeper can be a complicated and time consuming process. You can leverage our knowledge and experience to alleviate that burden. We request custom RFPs, analyze responses and create easy to read executive summaries. After we match appropriate vendors to your organization’s needs and analyze vendor proposals, we give you our recommendation, negotiate the contract details, and help implement your plan. Since we do most of the work, our client’s don’t have to.