Wealth Management

As an investor you have financial goals; as an individual you have a personal vision of financial success. Far too often investing is completely disconnected from your life goals. Our process coordinates financial planning and investment strategies to help you stay on track throughout every stage of your life.

financial planning diagram


At JMB Financial we use an objectives-based wealth management process that connects your investments with your life goals while addressing unnecessary risk or needlessly sacrificing your life now.

It's powerfully simple. It's refreshingly clear. And it all starts with a GREAT CONVERSATION. It's a conversation to help you visualize your most important life goals.

Dream Big

Do you like to travel? How will you pay for your children’s education? What exactly does “comfortable” retirement look like? We’ll cover these topics — and more — during our initial conversation. We’ll use this conversation as a launching pad for creating your financial life plan. Our objective is to inspire and guide you toward pursuing the life of your dreams. We will help you define your life goals and guide you toward them.

Pursue a Life Well-Lived

You can establish confidence in your financial plan because we will be constantly monitoring your progress as you pursue your success. 

Life changes. Markets shift. So does your plan.

You can have confidence your investments and your plan will stay in sync thanks to our objective-driven advice. Ongoing monitoring means when the markets change — or your goals and priorities do — we will help you keep your financial plan in alignment with current circumstances.

From your perspective, on your behalf, with your best interests in mind.

Our process is easy and natural — because it all starts with a conversation. Take the first step and reach out to a JMB Financial advisor now. The life you dream of living begins with this first step.